We are pleased to announce the launch QuickWebsSiteHost.com!  Unlike any other hosting solution provider out there, we offer the best prices and extremely customizable packages to suit your business needs.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for Promotional Launch Discounts Coming Soon!  In the meantime, feel free to submit a ticket or email us directly at support@quickwebsitehost.com.


Our exclusive Optimized Site Acccelerator is a cPanel plugin providing pre-configured caching for your applications from a single interface for even faster page loads. Caching options include:

  • Turbo Booster - The entire HTML contents of a page is stored by Turbo Cache and served without running PHP for up to 20X fasterpage loads.
  • OPcache/APC – Tests show OPcache can cut PHP page response time in half. OPcache comes pre-configured with PHP 5.5 and later version. APC is available on earlier PHP versions.
  • Memcached - Increases the speed of your MySQL databases by keeping your most important data in memory for quicker retrieval.
  • UNLIMITED Websites
  • UNLIMITED Databases
  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Monthly Data Transfer
  • FREE SSD Speed Boost 
  • FREE cPanel
  • FREE QWH Site Accelerator
  • Turbo (Up To 20X Faster)
  • Pre-Configured Site Caching
  • Powered by Turbo Cache
  • Powered by APC/OPcache
  • Powered by Memcached
  • RAID-10 Storage
  • Solid State Drive Speed Boost
  • Complete SSD Solution - Your Files, OS & Database)

Whether you want to develop with MySQL, MSSQL or both, rest assured that you data bases come fine tuned for the best performance at QuickWebsSiteHost.com.
While standard hard drives can only perform hundreds of input/output operations per second, our SSDs perform thousands every second! With no moving parts and no bottlenecks, our SSDs can help your site really fly! Our Turbo servers provide a drop-in Apache replacement that load pages up to 20X faster page loads compared to standard hosting.

From all of us to you... Welcome to QuickWebsiteHost.com!!


Support Team

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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